Saturday, April 4th starts a new season of Competition Training at Tamalpais CrossFit. This program will not only help you to reach you goals but it will also push you further to be a better CrossFitter. Competition Training helps build camaraderie, and also breaks down movements to make you a more efficient and skilled athlete. Strategy is very important when attacking a WOD and in Competition Training you will learn how to dissect a work out and use your strengths to your advantage resulting in the best possible outcome.


Please join us on Saturdays at 7am for this one-hour class where you will learn all this and more. The cost is $55 a month that also gives you access to San Rafael Barbell’s Strength and Olympic Weightlifting programs. This price, it is too good to pass up, as you will be working with some of the best coaches in the county. Together, we share over 25 years of coaching experience, 3 world records, 14 National Records, 2 National Championships, 5 state championships and have coached athletes on the national and international stage in 3 different sports.

If you are interested, just show up at 7 am on Saturday to get started or contact [email protected].